Monday, November 16, 2009

Where I'll be for the next 2 months

In front of the television, furiously knitting gifts and watching CHRISTMAS SHOWS!

This year I'm embracing Christmas before Thanksgiving. Reason number one is that I don't want to do the crazy gift buying insanity that I usually do.

Reason number two is that I always miss my favorite cheesy Christmas specials because they're on so early. Not this year - I found this list of all the shows, dates and channels!

I actually printing that thing out and have it upstairs so I can set the DVR every week.

What's this gift knitting I speak of? Well there's the sweater for my mom that I've been procrastinating on. It would be a nice gift, packaged with a camisole... I already spent a bunch of money on the yarn so that would ease some yarn buying guilt too. My dad wants socks (not at all sure I can knit mens size 12s in 5 weeks... boo. I also have pet presents to finish up. I'll have a couple of opportunities to knit for 3 hours straight on car rides, so that should help.

Oh and being glued to the TV.