Sunday, February 7, 2010

C is for Carriage House

Still decked out in it's holiday trimmings, this carriage house seems to have a residence above it, a hydrangea in front, and is painted up in period colors and finished off with wrought iron details and gate.
I imagine that owning a home with a carriage house like this inspires the owner to plant manicured gardens and hang linen or lace curtains. Maybe a person might serve iced tea with mint in the summer and read by the fireside in the winter.
Owning a historic home must require a special balance of modernizing while maintaining the historic character. What about the person who rents the rooms above the carriage house? I suppose that person must value a unique living experience over the conveniences of an apartment building.
This carriage house really picqued my curiousity. Maybe our new home might have something like this to inspire me.

Monday, February 1, 2010

B is for Benches

The snow in the Northeast sometimes seems to bury entire neighborhoods and discourage people entirely from venturing outside. These benches in a heavily traveled pedestrian area clearly haven't been used in some time. At least since the last snowfall.
The tree trunks in the background are wrapped with Christmas lights, which no one will turn on again before they are taken off the trees in the spring. It's quiet and peaceful in this little courtyard, but spring will be here soon.