Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Behind the times

The blog fad may be over, but I kind of miss this.  I think the constant facebook updates have stolen all my blogging time!  I want to catch up to the ABC-Along, so pictures forthcoming.

I've also given up on the 30th birthday bucket list.  It's amazing how I'm not worried about what I'm accomplishing and when now that I'm back to work.  When I was unemployed, I really felt this need to prove that I was not wasting my life, that I was having important experiences and achieving.  Now, the fact that I'm writing a blog post at 11:09 on a Tuesday tells another story, but work has me accomplishing plenty.  The summer has been busy, I'm happy.  No real need for the list.  There are some things on there that I still want to do, but it's just not as pressing now that I have my identity back.

Speaking of a busy summer, I'm looking so forward to fall.  Autumn is by far my favorite season, and I have lots of plans for quiet times and being at home to share.

Well with the best of intentions - back to my work day!