Tuesday, November 13, 2012

random goal

have calves that fit into riding boots
Brain dump of goals:

Lose 5 lbs by turkey trot (another 5 lbs, not 5 total)
Lose 13 lbs by 12/3
Lose 15 lbs by 1/1/13
Pre-pregnancy weight by 3/11/13
married weight by 5/13/12
under 200
healthy weight range for height
choose a weight that works for me and stick to it

fit into playing-in-snow coat peacoat (Christmas)
fit into wool coat I bought in 2003 (next Christmas)
can you tell I don't want to buy a new coat?

run 2.5 miles w/o stopping 11/22
Flower City Challenge 5k in under 40 min (4/28/13)

bring lunch 4x/week
lunch w/ a friend 1x/week
dinner out 1x/week max
1/2 plate is fruit & veg every lunch & dinner
min 8 cups water/day
make coffee at home
no drive thrus