Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I could do that

Every time I don't get a job I interviewed for (and every time I have PMS according to DeuceDad) I start an introspective on my skills, my goals, my job search, and the hopelessness of it all. It usually comes back around to the fact that I have a very specific degree and skill set and unless I pursue formal training in something else there is nothing I can do for much over minimum wage. As long as Deuce needs day care, we will actually lose money if I go to work for minimum wage. And I'm not talking about losing money relative to unemployment. I talking, it will cost us money out of the bank to pay for daycare, pay our taxes, and work for $7.ish. How sick is that?

It hasn't stopped me entirely. I just applied for what could be a cool tech support job with a big chain of auto mechanics. We'll see.

In the meantime, I'm playing the "I could do that" game. See a job, read a news story or drive down the road while unemployed and you start to see people working doing things you took for granted. Mowing the median on the highway. Folding shirts into perfect rectangles. Cleaning houses, walking dogs, delivering beer to the grocery store, the list goes on and on.

When it comes down to it, I'm still just scouring the websites. I haven't lost hope that I'll find a software engineering job and life will go back to the way it was. Working days, having time as a family, having pocket money. There is a time limit on that hope, and you might just see me stocking shelves on second shift. I could do that.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ready for spring

Deuce is ready to see some green.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Eating

I love buying in bulk, and it shows.

I don't even have a picture of can-cabinet part deux and the spice cabinet!
One of my spring cleaning/moneysaving tasks for the week is to use up some of the food we have. Did I mention we have a chest freezer too? My goal is really to have one cabinet with canned goods (instead of the second overflowed one), no food on the top of the fridge, and bulk storage in some of the useless recesses of the cabinets (have I mentioned this kitchen is poorly designed? No? Oh, well it is.).
The situation isn't too bad as is, but there are still boxes of kitchen items to be unpacked, and there is nowhere but nowhere to put anything addtional in this kitchen.
The best part is that when we've used up some of the old stuff, I get to buy fresh new pantry-fodder! Don't say it. I know ;)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Year 1 Scrapbook

Deuce's first year scrapbook is in the binder! All 92 pages...

There are two odd pages that I need to fill due to 2-page LOs that offset some of the single page LOs. I'm sure I'll think of something, with the hundreds of photos I have left. I need to be much more judicious when ordering photos in future.

Anyhow, a few people have seen the finished product and I think it's a success. So many memories went into each page. Some have wordy stories, but some tell the story all by themselves.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Just because you're sharing doesn't mean it's fair.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


It has been so long since my last post - not for lack of things to talk about.

I do want to say that EFT is the bane of my existance. I haven't been going to Jazzercise much because of some pain in my heel (plantar fasciitis by all accounts). So it's time to cancel, right? Well, God forbid you ask to cancel on the 16th rather than the 15th of the month. "Too late." Bullshit it's too late. Bullshit. Well, I guess I'll need to start taking that anti-inflamatory and get my but there for one more month because I'm paying for it, like it or not.

In the time I haven't spend playing phone tag with customer service, and receiving firm encouragement from DeuceDad to not be a pushover, I've been creativity-ing it up. Lots and lots of outside play with Deuce and Gunny, I have Deuce's first year scrapbook in the covers and only needing 2 odd pages, cooking food, crocheting and knitting.

I keep meaning to start spring cleaning/projects, but where's the fun in that? I had to do some cleaning today because my friend buzzed Deuce's hair in his highchair, and when the hair stuck to the jelly/syrup/tomato sauce coating I had to take it outside and take the hose to it.

A quick reread sounds a little whiny, but no real complaints here. My crocuses are sprouting and DeuceFamily's feelin' fine.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Meet Gunny!

Meet our dog!! We decided to adopt a dog yesterday - not out of the blue, but off schedule. He was just a random find on craigslist. He is 7 months old, and is mostly chocolate lab, but he has a little bit of something else too. Maybe pit bull, maybe weimaraner. I've also hear American Lab. The vet seems to think mostly lab with some mystery mutt, but of course it doesn't matter b/c this guy's getting neutered next month!

The first night with him went really well. He slept on a dog bed on the floor in our bedroom. I just can't get past my bed-hogging enough to consider sharing with a 45 lb animal! How will I stretch out?

I'm so glad the weather has gotten nice today because this guy needs a lot of exercise. Deuce is only good for about 20 minutes outside when it's below 30 degrees, so today I'm looking forward to a really long walk.

I am a little torn on one thing - his name. The previous owner was a former Gunnery Sargeant in the Marines - Gunny. I really don't like the name, but he responds to it. I don't want to totally wreck his world, but I would like to consider changing his name to Sarge. I changed Claude's name (from Applehead - yike!), but that's different since a cat doesn't listen no matter what they think their name is.

As for the creativity project - well I adopted a dog yesterday so that was enough there, and today I creatively managed a toddler and puppy at the vet at lunch time. If I don't collapse soon I'm making this for dinner.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Setting the bar low

On Wednesday morning, I accomplish one of my weekly goals. This goal is so small, but brings me so much joy. Are you ready for it...

I fill the garbage can to the brim. And try to overflow the recycling bin for good measure.

You may have noticed that DeuceHouse is super-duper-overflowing-with-junk-full-to-the-point-of-insanity. Or, as I like to rationalize say, ready for anything.

Last week we took down those red curtains you see in every photo of my family room, and 10 lbs of dust went with them. This week I threw away packing paper from shipping Christmas gifts.

I love the exhiliration that comes with success.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Napday

Tuesday seems to be nap day for me, but I think I can break with tradition just this once. What could possibly be worth it? My house is at that point where it could easily be kept fairly neat, or slide into disaster. Seriously, just 30 minutes of picking up and I'll be happy.

New recipe last night was a bust. Just didn't bring much to the table. I even used a little of my creativity by adding more garlic and toasting the almonds (I didn't have roasted). Then I went to Jazzercise and shook it for an hour.

Then home to work on another Seija Set. That didn't last long, as I immediately dropped my second H hook down the couch (yes, both of them are down there now) and wasn't in the mood to turn the chaise over to get it out.

So I went back to the hat for DeuceDad. I'm starting to be able to rock a little on 2x2 rib. I'm still trying to knit Continental style, and I'm not 100% sure I'm doing it right. I don't "pick" the yarn without the help of another one of my fingers, but this video shows using a finger for help. It just seems a little strange.

I'm going to come out of my knitting shell and go to some groups this week. Tonight is church knitting group. Maybe someone there can answer my Continental question, plus they're going to be my outlet for tons of practice knitting on stashed acrylic. Then Thursday I'm either going to hit a yarn store sit-n-knit, or, if I feel super outgoing, Chicks with Sticks. CWS seems like a younger crowd who knits in bars and coffee houses. A much better opportunity to meet potential dudes, but certainly outside my fibercrafting comfort zone (which until now has been limited to my couches).

Oookay - breakfast, coffee, playgroup, then all this crafty business! Here I go!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Monday

Off to a good start on the Creativity Project. I made a new recipe for dinner - Asian short ribs from Real Simple. I had never cooked that piece of meat before. It was a hit all the way around the table!

Didn't sew yesterday because BFFs normally super neat and clean house was all pushed into her living room for painting. I need to just bite the bullet, mop my kitchen floor, and sew those curtains here.

Two scrapbook pages - and when I ran out of juice I just stopped. Why push it? Got inspiration from Pencil Lines.

And last but not least, Deuce and I did an "in like a lion, out like a lamb" project. I printed out a lion and a lamb, he colored them, and then glued cotton balls to the lamb and yarn to the lion's mane and tail - so cute!

Today's challenge is to think of a creative way to get Deuce to behave at the library while I check out books. Strap him into the stroller? Worth a try.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Keep Marching

The month of March really snuck up on me - welcome to March!

Weather-wise I was hoping for some "in like a lion, out like a lamb" action, but it's sunny and cold outside. Is that liony or lamby?

Happiness-wise, I'm leaving February behind. The end of the month was really tough on me (you may have noticed the emotional thrashing) and I know that I am wasting this precious time that I have to be a SAHM, and I'm not going to do that. I'm living my dream right now, and I'm going to appreciate it.

So let's talk about this month. So much to do, and I feel exhilirated thinking about it. We have a wedding to prepare for, spring cleaning to do, a mom's group that I just stumbled into, a new hobby, and the return of warmer weather. I'm ready!

I'm adding a little something to keep me thinking. It's The Creativity Project. The basic gist it to do something creative each day, particularly by adding some fun to the day-to-day routine things. Coincidentally, I made this week "new recipes" week, so I think I was kind of doing this idea inadvertently. And BFF and I were planning on sewing curtains together today.

So here's to March - a month where I plan to use my "more complaints" tag less, and my smile muscles more!