Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Napday

Tuesday seems to be nap day for me, but I think I can break with tradition just this once. What could possibly be worth it? My house is at that point where it could easily be kept fairly neat, or slide into disaster. Seriously, just 30 minutes of picking up and I'll be happy.

New recipe last night was a bust. Just didn't bring much to the table. I even used a little of my creativity by adding more garlic and toasting the almonds (I didn't have roasted). Then I went to Jazzercise and shook it for an hour.

Then home to work on another Seija Set. That didn't last long, as I immediately dropped my second H hook down the couch (yes, both of them are down there now) and wasn't in the mood to turn the chaise over to get it out.

So I went back to the hat for DeuceDad. I'm starting to be able to rock a little on 2x2 rib. I'm still trying to knit Continental style, and I'm not 100% sure I'm doing it right. I don't "pick" the yarn without the help of another one of my fingers, but this video shows using a finger for help. It just seems a little strange.

I'm going to come out of my knitting shell and go to some groups this week. Tonight is church knitting group. Maybe someone there can answer my Continental question, plus they're going to be my outlet for tons of practice knitting on stashed acrylic. Then Thursday I'm either going to hit a yarn store sit-n-knit, or, if I feel super outgoing, Chicks with Sticks. CWS seems like a younger crowd who knits in bars and coffee houses. A much better opportunity to meet potential dudes, but certainly outside my fibercrafting comfort zone (which until now has been limited to my couches).

Oookay - breakfast, coffee, playgroup, then all this crafty business! Here I go!!

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