Thursday, March 5, 2009

Meet Gunny!

Meet our dog!! We decided to adopt a dog yesterday - not out of the blue, but off schedule. He was just a random find on craigslist. He is 7 months old, and is mostly chocolate lab, but he has a little bit of something else too. Maybe pit bull, maybe weimaraner. I've also hear American Lab. The vet seems to think mostly lab with some mystery mutt, but of course it doesn't matter b/c this guy's getting neutered next month!

The first night with him went really well. He slept on a dog bed on the floor in our bedroom. I just can't get past my bed-hogging enough to consider sharing with a 45 lb animal! How will I stretch out?

I'm so glad the weather has gotten nice today because this guy needs a lot of exercise. Deuce is only good for about 20 minutes outside when it's below 30 degrees, so today I'm looking forward to a really long walk.

I am a little torn on one thing - his name. The previous owner was a former Gunnery Sargeant in the Marines - Gunny. I really don't like the name, but he responds to it. I don't want to totally wreck his world, but I would like to consider changing his name to Sarge. I changed Claude's name (from Applehead - yike!), but that's different since a cat doesn't listen no matter what they think their name is.

As for the creativity project - well I adopted a dog yesterday so that was enough there, and today I creatively managed a toddler and puppy at the vet at lunch time. If I don't collapse soon I'm making this for dinner.

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kasiaiscarly said...

That's not a small dog at all :)

And I'm iffy on Gunny. . . seems like it'd be more appropriate were it Jake's dog. . . .