Monday, August 24, 2009

1, 2, 3... Scrap!

Labor Day is just around the corner. That means fall, cooler weather, and scrapbooking! To be fair, just about everything means scrapbooking to me, but I mean organized scrapbooking with other people. Here is my plan for productive scrapping:

Pictures! I typically work photos-first or story-first, but to me scrapbooks ain't nothin' without the pics. So it's time to get organized. First, I'm going to move the unscrapped photos from Deuce's first year and sort them into my file box. I'm satisfied that I've scrapped every event from the chronological collection, and I also want to free up the binder they're in. Then I'm going to upload and order all the event photos from last year that got lost in the mix, including those from Facebook, other people's cameras, and cell phone pics (cell pics I might just print at home). I put those into my 3-up photo binders. Any Simple Scrapbookers or Stacy Julian fans will recognize this as a loose interpretation of Stacy's Library of Memories (I have her book Photo Freedom and lurve it).

Stuff! I also love to keep the scrap in scrapbooking, but I tend to lose the scraps along the way... I found a nice box to keep scraps in, so I need to move some things from the junk pile on the desk to there. That box can also serve as inspiration when I'm in need.

Projects! Some scraps are for specific albums, for example, our California trip/BIL & SIL's wedding, and my garden notebook. I have file pockets with little tags to collect scraps, photos, layout ideas, paper, journaling and embellishments together until I get everything I want (and time to work). I need to look through my product to see if I have all I need to complete a project or should be looking for something specific.

Products! I feel pretty confident that I have most of the products I need to make the pages I want to make. But I might take some time to reset some of my organization from winter.

Ideas! My idea book has paper with sketches messily tossed in it (like, not even clipped into the binder), so I need to sort that out some. I would also like to sketch some of my fav pages to try and use some of my designs again.

Stories! My journalling books are all missing. I'm sure they're around here somewhere... the idea to keep journalling notebooks around at all times to capture thoughts an moments has not worked for me since about a year ago when implemented. Need to research online for a better solution.

Computer! I need to pick either Windows Photo Gallery or Picasa to store and tag my pictures because I'm lost. I know I organized some things in one place and other things elsewhere. I definitely like Picasa for editing, but I think I'm staying w/ Photo Gallery. I like their tags better. That said, I need to back this shiznit up. I'm screwed if this computer goes up in flames.

Destash! I'm hosting a swap in 2 weeks, so I need to go through my piles to see what I can swap with other people. I have a stack of swap stuff from when I cleaned the office - 8 months ago!! It's time to get rid of it.

In the meantime, I'm scraplifting this. No sense doing all this organization for nothing!

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