Wednesday, August 22, 2012

May cause sleepiness

When I read weigh loss stories, the recap version, there seem to be two paths people follow.  1) Something scary/tragic/life-altering happened and I new I had to change, or 2) I started walking and eventually started running.

I am damned fortunate that I have never had to travel road 1.  There have been times in my life when I've thought I really want to change and that losing weight would improve my quality of life, one of those times being now.  As for road 2, I have started walking over and over and over again and always encountered some obstacle, real or imagined, that forced/gave me an excuse to stop.

I mentioned last time that I'm slowly killing myself.  I know that's heavy dramz, but I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.  I stop breathing in my sleep.  Not Good.  It's possible that I've had this for a long time, becuase I always remember being able to fall asleep in seconds and I've always woken up feeling tired.  But I cannot deny the fact that I am vastly heavier and so much less healthy than ever before.

I am so fat I can't even sleep.

Tonight I go for my "titration" appointment, in which they fit me with a CPAP mask and figure out the settings so that my airway stays open when I sleep.

My doctor keeps telling me that getting good quality sleep is life changing.  When I hear the words life changing, I sit up and listen.   Unfortunately, those words are usually followed by results not typical or a list of potentially fatal side affects.  CPAP isn't.  It's not attractive, but there aren't any side affects besides breathing properly and getting restful sleep.

If I can sleep, and I have energy, then this is the life-altering event that starts my story. 

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