Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Columbus Day!

Columbus Day celebrates one of the very few facts I know about history. Say it with me -"Columbus sailed the ocean blue in fourteen-hundred ninety two!" History teachers everywhere are groaning, but hey at least I remembered something...

I do think calling this a holiday is pushing it a little bit. Deuce is a little young for craft projects, but we are going to color Christopher Columbus on his boat. Check out this site for some Columbus Day ideas.

Daycare is "celebrating" by having an in-service day. I'm glad that our daycare provides professional development for the staff, and I love an excuse to be home with Deuce. But I have so much work to do today... Deuce is napping early, so he'll be awake during my 2PM conference call. The trials and tribulations of WOHMs are many. Hopefully he's in the mood to color because I don't think I can take notes and supervise on the playground at the same time.

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Marketing Mama said...

Cute picture - he is adorable. :)