Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Scrappin'

It's been slow going, but all my getting ready to scrap this fall preparation is finally paying off! I have had my 4th of July pictures printed for a month, and the page layout drawn and journaling written for 2 weeks, and today I finally did the deed!

The background is plain cardstock with the swirls stenciled on. The 4 is chipboard I covered in paper. I think it moves pretty well visually considering there are a lot of pictures on there. I do see one blank spot that I have just the perfect embellishment for... maybe the cat's sleeping on it.

I also finished a layout I’ve been working on for literally weeks. It came together over about 2 weeks of just leaving it out on my table and sketching out different stuff. It was near done, but I wanted one last thing – an admission sticker from the children’s museum. I know we’ve had dozens of them, I just didn’t happen to have one on hand. Deuce often takes them off and sticks them different places or crumples them, but I finally managed to grab one in decent condition.

Phew, now I finally have "Eight days a week" out of my head!

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