Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Saturday 5

I follow this really cool blog called 5 Things, and it really is fun to read all random 5-item lists.

It also inspires me to have a cohesive thought for once.

So here's 5 for a Saturday - 5 ways not to waste my Saturday

1. Get up early

I love sleeping. More than any other activity, bar none. That said, I can get so much done in those first couple of hours.

2. Do something with the family

Today's pick was breakfast with Santa!

3. Have a treat

Luckily the house is ridiculously stocked with Christmas cookies!

4. Spend some time by myself

Still on October issue of Creating Keepsakes and haven't run out of inspiration yet!

5. Keep the evening free

There's no hard and fast rule that I always want to go out on Saturday night. Friday night - I always want to go out. But Saturday, I like to not make any plans and go where the night takes us. Maybe making cookies, maybe Christmas shopping, maybe rent a movie, who knows!

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