Monday, March 1, 2010

Gotta live my life to get boots like these

It's been a while since I posted. Not for lack of anything to say, that's for sure.

The title of this post is about two things I want to share - one is that my Sporto boots are totally waterproof. It's 37 degrees after about 2 feet of snowfall here, so the sidewalks are like lakes. But my feet are dry!

The other is that I'm enamored with Ben Harper and the Relentless 7's album White Lies for Dark Times, which has a song "Boots Like These" that has been stuck in my head since I got the CD. I love rock & roll music. This is a rock & roll album. I like a lot of Ben Harper's music and most of the musicians he's recorded with, but this is my bag right here. Visit the website for unlimited listening to the full albums!

I also have been considering reshaping the blog somewhat - perhaps to "A Thoroughly Modern Mommy." But of course, some other people thought of this first. First there's Thoroughly Modern Mommy (think mommy blogger meets The Onion). Also see Thoroughly Modern Momma - mom and musician's wife who seems to have a sense of humor about her Christiantasticness or whatever you call that.

I just think the whole "adventures in/of" is played out. It was played out when I started, but it was my first blog, so I didn't know.

Oh well, right now I'm working on a little thing called "Get off the internet and work." Wish me luck.

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