Monday, March 29, 2010

we may have found the one

We saw a house Sunday. I dont' want to speak too soon and call it "our house," but it will be ours. It's amazing. It's everything we could want from a city house and more. We can see our family growing and loving our life there.

The reaction to just walking in the front door was legendary. I didn't even make it past the front door for a couple of minutes. DeuceDad stood in the foyer turning in circles just trying to take it all in. I had to tell myself "pick your jaw up off the floor before the agent sees you."

As we walked through the house, we were so struck by it that DeuceDad forgot to look in the attic or the garage! He did make it down to the basement, so he wasn't completely possessed.

In the meantime, our realtor was having open house at our place. She had quite a crowd, and there are some follow up viewings today (and she's expecting an offer this afternoon). So my idea of coming to work and having a day completely focused on working is not really going to pan out.

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