Thursday, June 26, 2008

100th Post!

Happy hundred posts!

I wanted to do something special to celebrate 100 posts. Missy did "100 things about me" (and even did a cool button). I tried that, but I ran out around 27. I also considered listing 100 things I want, but that was just obnoxious!

So for my celebration, I'm going to do a Pilates workout - complete with the Hundred! I haven't done Pilates since before I got pregnant, so I'm going to do a beginner workout.

In honor of "100" stuff, I invite you do a little Pilates today!


kasiaiscarly said...

he he. I miss pilates, no good instructors near me now. . . at least not as good as Shannon was :( Good luck, and remember to not make a bread basket while doing the hundred :)

Marketing Mama said...

So i have no idea what you are talking about with the hundred reference and pilates... but I will say congrats on your 100th post - and thanks for the mention on your blog! :)