Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No birthday pics yet

I have to remember to bring the mini usb cable with us when we go to our house this weekend! I think my sister in law is going to fly here and pummel me if I don't get some pics up soon. Plus Deuce went in the pool for the first time and ate cake with chocolate frosting... so much to share!

I do owe an update on the house situation. Last Friday our agent agreed that we are sick of waiting for our stupid buyers and he set up a bunch of showings. The bad news is that no one from any of the showings is interested. The good news is the buyers supposedly got their mortgage commitment and the bank ordered the appraisal! The appraisal is the final hurdle. I called our agent this morning for an update and left a message. So more later on that.

In the mean time I have a ton of work to do. The new office is almost ready and I'll have my own office! I can't tell you how happy I'll be - I share an office with 5 other people right now!

Cross those fingers for good news today!

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