Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Boutique bags are where it's at

I have a deep seated love of handmade things, and boutique bags are a favorite. Yes, that would include Vera Bradley, but isn't it more fun to have something original?

I bumped into a new designer while exploring a new-to-me mommy blog, It's My Life, Laugh if you Must. This woman clearly has impeccable taste and I plan to befriend her blog.

Anyhow, Pink Lemonade Boutique Bags are going straight on my wish list! I really wish I had seen the #9 (picture above) before Saturday (when I bought a new purse).

I have a fall and a winter bag, similar to the Pink Lemonade ones. They've changed the company name since I bought mine at the Watertown farmer's market, but they're still adorable. Check out Lennie bags.

Of course I wish I had the talent and patience to sew a tote bag. Maybe someday I'll try, but I'm happy buying for now. But I'm not hopping on the Pink Lemonade wagon just yet. I have housewares to focus on, and focus I shall! I have big plans for sewing curtains. Rectangles are more my speed.


Marketing Mama said...

Those are all so cute I can barely stand it! Thanks for sharing! ;)

Jessica said...

Thanks for the shout out. Love your blog.