Thursday, August 7, 2008

Life's little tradeoffs

For the cost of the 2 pairs of StrideRite shoes I bought last night, in an effort to provide my son's chubby feet with the most comfortable, supportive shoes on the market, I could have bought:
  • 3 new scrapbook albums
  • fabric and notions for kitchen curtains
  • 21 cases of Diet Coke
  • table lamps for living room
For the cost of a new power steering hose and a flexpipe (which had to be convinced to part ways with the manifold) for the truck, in an effort to have reliable transportation, I could have bought:
  • a loveseat for the barren family room
  • train fare to NYC in one of those cute cabins
  • 2 weeks of daycare (scary)
  • 4500 plain pocket folders
But I did none of those things because I am a mother and responsible adult.


1 comment:

Marketing Mama said...

Interesting to think of it that way. Love the 21 cases of diet coke. Whoa, and diet coke is so much more expensive these days!

We buy the Stride Rite shoes, too. It amazes me how much I'll spend on my kids feet each year between sneakers, rain boots, water sandals and winter boots.

Way more than on my own shoes, I'll tell ya that much!