Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reducing Deuce's Eco-baby-footprint

Haven't posted in several days. Again, not because life has been quiet (ha!) but for my normal reasons I ignore this blog. BUSY!

One blog-worthy simple activity turned adventure I had since Friday was trying to get rid of Deuce's now-leaking Nuby sippy cups. He has the 10 oz 2 handle variety. We tried many types of sippy cups, and this model was BPA-free, easiest to wash, easiest for Deuce to hold and drink from and is drip-resistant.

That is until he chews through the spout and water pours out everywhere.

It's time to retire the leakers, preferably to the recycling bin. I did what any environmentally-conscious person does automatically. I turned the cup over to look for the number in the triangle (although I was fairly certain it was 5). Hmm. No number. What's a mom to do? Toss the cups and leaky lids into the landfill for Deuce's great-great-grandbabies to excavate along with 1000s of disposable diapers? Heck no! I went to the internet!

Nubysippycup.com (which does not appear to be affiliated with the company's actual site, nuby.com. Also, there's iluvnuby. The cult of sippy cups is alive and well apparently.) informed me that there are replacement silicone tops... wait for it... but not for ours. Hmph.

My Google search for "recycle nuby cup" was inconclusive. So they're going in the bin.

Now it's time to ask myself if it was really worth my time and effort to search online for the recycling number for two little cups while we use disposable diapers. Probably not. But just because we're not cloth diapering doesn't mean we should just neglect recycling altogether. That's why I'm starting this "reDEUCE reuse recycle" label - despite our obvious shortcomings in the diaper department, I do put in some effort to choose baby and household products wisely, and I want to share some of that.

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