Monday, August 4, 2008

It can all change in an instant

Friday afternoon, my FIL was out cutting down trees in the woods across the road from the ILs house, when in a freak accident the top of the tree he was cutting snapped off and hit him in the head. He lay in the woods for 2 hours before SIL and MIL found him and called for help. He was conscious but unable to move. He was airlifted to the closest major hospital.

By the time DeuceDad and I arrived (a 90 minute drive made in 70 minutes) he was under general anesthesia and intubated. Within hours he was x-rayed, scanned, poked and prodded, taken off the ventilator, allowed to move and found to be slightly the worse for wear, but overall perfectly fine.

He was kept overnight for observation, and has a fracture in his face and serious concussion with a lot of dizziness. And he's alive.

He (and our family) is lucky. FIL used to run a logging business and compete in timber sports, and is still active in the logging community. He has many acquaintances who have been injured or killed by trees, equipment, and even lightening.

Logging and timber sports have always been a huge and important part of DeuceDad's family.

Thank God Grandpa will be able around to share lumber camp and the love of the outdoors with Deuce.

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Marketing Mama said...

OMG I'm so glad he's okay. Here's to a speedy recovery.