Monday, July 28, 2008

My day as a waste of human life

My accomplishments for the day include:
  1. showering
  2. eating 2 meals

(#3 has been intentionally left blank)

Yup, that's it. I am at work, but that should not imply that I am working. This week and weekend were just too hard and I've turned off.

In order to provide actual content and avoid turning this blog into DeuceMom-feels-bad-for-self-and-rants-until-world-is-miraculously-fixed, I would like to present to you my plan:

Yes, this is an old-ass Palm Pilot. Mine has been classed up with a Coach case.

I have run hot and cold with using my Palm, and over the course of the several years I've used one it has been everywhere along the usefulness-continuum from indispensable to lost in an old purse. What I love about it is that it allows me to organize my thoughts any-which-way and at the end of the day, check finished items off. If only I could get it to clap for me. What I dislike is that, well I guess I don't dislike anything about it particularly. Sometimes life is simple enough that I don't need a little electronic helper so it gets set aside.

Life is not that simple right now so I'm back to it. How, specifically, will this device be used to improve my life? Thanks for asking!
  • Record numbers for all contractors (instead of relying on "recently dialed numbers" in cell phone)
  • Note dates of all appointments and set audible reminders. Automatic feature displays tomorrow's appointments too, to avoid being caught short.
  • Create memos of window measurements, fabric requirements and little side pocket can store paint color samples so I'm prepared to buy decorating materials at any time
  • Shopping lists organized by store type (Target, Home Depot, Wegman's), to avoid making unnecessary trips
  • Finally, for my sanity, the "big rocks." This is something I did after taking a Franklin Covey time management course (which I was late to, but that's another story). I created a to-do list category for my "big rocks" (I am a: wife, mother, friend, employee, etc. I need to focus on my: social, emotion, physical, spiritual well-being) and add an item for each. That way I'm not neglecting the things that are important to me.
Now that a plan has been formulated, I just have to do it!

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