Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blog Vacation

It's time for a blog vacation.

In my last couple of posts I've mentioned that I'm uninspired. I don't want DeuceMotherhood to drift off into obscurity, because I've had fun with this.

So I'm taking a month-long hiatus to focus on life, get back in the swing of taking some photos and refocus on what DeuceMotherhood really means to me so that those things can be reflected here in some sort of format.

Thanks for reading. I'll most likely keep reading blogs, so if you stalk me here and would like me to stalk you back, leave a comment.

See you October 9!


Marketing Mama said...

Great idea to take a little bloggy vacation -

I do stalk you and would love to still see you around my blog while you are taking a hiatus from yours... if you are up to it! :)

Starshine said...

I landed here via Marketing Mama...hope your hiatus is going well and giving you lots of good inspiration!

david said...

It's really good idea for vacation.Do to this idea I am very impress.Thanks Gives more idea which helps to other also.