Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The curse of an enthusiastic starter

is that you never really finish the projects you start. Just in this room, I have shredding and filing, Deuce's 2nd year scrapbook, parts from the anniversary scrapbook, a not-yet-started California vacation book, tags and seed packets for a garden notebook, 2 boxes left from the office overhaul, a gift to return, and 2 half-drank Diet Cokes. I'm not joking. I never finish anything.

It's almost the end of the month, and time to put the full court press on finishing the unfinished. I did this in February and accomplished record amounts (for me) of crocheting and weaving in of yarn ends. I'm cooped up in the office anyway uploading photos - still can't figure out how to stop my internet connection from timing out. Way to go computer professional. Blah.

I don't have a good pic to go with this post, so I'll just share something cute. This is Deuce wearing my dad's hard hat.

He's a hard workin' dude.

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