Monday, February 18, 2008

On the Streets

My grandma's birthday was this weekend - The Afghan recipient. It was a hit, she loved it. I took pictures with my dad's camera, which aren't online yet, but I'll post one. The whole afghan thing is a long story which I will tell sometime next week most likely b/c I still have to write a paper for my project management class.


Grandma was admire the afghan and asked me where I learned to crochet, to which my aunt promptly answered "on the streets." Total deadpan. It was hysterical. I hadn't laughed that hard in a while and it was good.

Second place honors for crochet jokes this weekend go to DeuceDad who, when I passed up buying any yarn in AC Moore because I "have enough yarn," finished the thought with "to make an afghan for Earth."

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bookwoman said...

That would bring a whole new level to the discourse on global warming. Glad your grandma liked her afghan.