Monday, February 4, 2008

Da Da Da Da Da

Over the past few days, Deuce has taken to babbling "da da da da da." He has the cutest voice and DeuceDad is so excited (although we both know he's babbling, it's still so close to actually saying a word!). I'm not too jealous yet, but he hasn't called DeuceDad DaDa yet, so we'll see how I feel if/when Mama isn't the first word.

The Afghan has been put on hold in favor of a way easier, smaller, faster pattern I grabbed free from the yarn section of Walmart. Oh, you read that right. I'm not proud - I'm pressed for time. The Afghan, the thick cuddly masterpiece of crocheted cables that was meant to increase my street cred as an "intermediate" crocheter is now in the bottom of my bag. The new one is nice, treble crochet shells alternating with whatever a trcl is. It's 2 tr, ch3 2 tr, ch3, 2 tr. I'm sure there's a name for that. Anyhow, I've done 9/26 pattern repeats and have 2 weeks left until Gram's birthday.

Oh and 3 weeks, 1 paper and a final exam left of my class.

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