Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ravelry was the best and worst idea

Nap time is almost over and I've accomplished, oh, NOTHING. I love Ravelry and it's consuming my life!!!!


I stepped away from the Ravelry, did some dishes and homework and I'm back. I was home during sunlight hours today, so I took a couple of pictures. This my first real yarn treat to myself - Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky

I wish I could have taken this outside b/c the color is a really nice blue (and so is my table cloth right now... not so smart).
I'm also taking a few minutes to write thank you notes. The first recient? MIL. Why? Because we finally got my vehicle back from the body shop and it has a starter in it! Yay! This is actually the second starter MIL has given me for Christmas - but we crashed the car the first one was in, so a new one was needed. Anyhow, if a warm car isn't a good reason for a thank you note, nothing is.


kasiaiscarly said...

don't say i didn't warn you about ravelry :)

bookwoman said...

Ravelry...the art of time suckage. It's fun, isn't it? And, oh, the ideas. My queue will soon be longer than my life expectancy.