Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Is it Spring 2007?

It's 65 degrees and sunny outside and I don't care because I'm home sick. Sounds familiar. (For background, I was out of work last spring with pre-eclampsia).

I do have to venture out today for some essentials, and because the library got the copies of Super Baby Food and No Cry Sleep Solution that I reserved. I'm feeling much better anyhow.

It's incredible, when I look back on it, how I was home for 8 weeks this spring and didn't enjoy the weather, the time off, anything. I felt so horrible. Even my limited to do list for today (shower, one thing from grocery store, library, lay around and read) would have exhausted me completely. Apparently high blood pressure does that to a person. What I wouldn't give for that time now that I'm back in good health.

Oh, one more thing to work on today - figure out how to post pictures! Maybe I need to figure out photobucket or flickr or something. I want to post some pics of completed projects (modeled by Deuce of course).

Enjoy your day! I'm going to go lay down!

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