Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yay Crochet at Lunchtime!

Today was the first Crafty Lunch and it was really fun! I brought crocheting, one person brought knitting, one person brought cake(!), and two people just came to chat. It was fun and we're doing it again next week.

It was also great to stay in since we're having gail force winds here!

I was disappointed with both my projects. Rebecca's purple/pink scarf has been taken apart and yarn messily wound one too many times and it's a rats nest. I'm staying true to what I said and quitting. I already made her a purple scarf and have enough of the yarn to make a hat. I can't keep torturing myself. Oh, and yes, the has eyelash yarn, but in my defense it's for a 2 year old!

And the Valentine's dishcloth that I came up with (and which was going to be called I Love Dishes) didn't come out well at all. I thought I could just do a back-post hdc for the heart to get it raised up. It's raised, but not enough to know it's there unless you really REALLY try to see it. Maybe if it was a solid color? I'm going to search around on the internet - maybe there's a better way to get a raised pattern.

I have to get ready for the scrapbook paper swap tomorrow so I don't know if I'll crochet any tonight. I'm still a little tired out from being under the weather yesterday. Seems like a good excuse to put on jammies and snuggle babies!


kasiaiscarly said...

OK, apparently since you started blogging it sent karma to me finding random crochet bloggers I've never come across before!

kasiaiscarly said...

ok, i really hope this doesn't mean i stop finding knitting! LOL!