Saturday, January 12, 2008

Things that go Fuss in the night

This "only b-milk will do" kick is really taking it out of me. Deuce nurse 6 times yesterday, two of them in the night. I'm so glad it's Saturday!

I'm on my own today because DeuceDad had trouble at the plant this week and has to work all day, and then is doing archery league tonight. It's been baby heaven this morning, then napping and a glorious glorious shower for DeuceMom.

The housework is there glaring at me, but new scrapbook paper on the kitchen table and 85 oz of new yarn for an afghan for my grandma's birthday is beckoning, reminding my how short naptime really is. My exhaustion is saying "nap." My brain is saying "scrap." My fingers are saying "crochet." The angel on my shoulder is saying "clean."

And yet, I blog.

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kasiaiscarly said...

always ignore the impulse to clean ;) it will just get dirty again, anyway, so your time is really better spent elsewhere!