Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Crochet pics

Here is the first scarf I ever finished (my first first one is still in my bag...)
You can kind of see how I was only picking up the front loop and it makes a weird stripe (although that stripe makes a great washcloth!)
Here's the mitre scarf that needs fixing. It was supposed to be a treble crochet down the length but I did double by accident and I don't like the width. Plus it's freakishly long and may become 2 scarves.

Here's my favorite scarf - it has a hole in one end to pull the other end through. I'm such a disaster all the time, I need help staying dressed. And that's Claude. He's a big help.

This is the basket weave blanket that needs edging.

And is is my favorite thing I've crocheted - our nursing blanket. Deuce and I have spent many happy hours in this blanket.

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kasiaiscarly said...

I thought we were getting baby modeled shots??

Were you doing that scarf with the hole in it when you visited us last year?