Sunday, January 13, 2008

What will come to be known as "The Afghan"

While DeuceDad was home last night, I started The Afghan. It's February/Amethyst from Living Arts's Birthstone Afghans book. It's a 4'x5' monstrosity of crocheted cables, which I've heard are not for beginners. I did the foundation row and one row of the actual pattern, and it's complicated, but not that bad, stitch-wise. The bad part is that in order for it to be finished by Grandma's birthday part (February 16) I have to crochet about 2" per day, or about 2 rows. What are the chances this actually happens?

I can see it now - I will spend some of my valuable crocheting time trying to post some kind of progress ticker on the blog and then get crabby when I have to crochet furiously on the car ride to the party.

Pic of progress so far to follow.

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