Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Buyer

Big news -- we signed an agreement to sell our house! A bittersweet day. I just hope the deal goes through. So much can happen before the inspection and the commitment letter. DeuceDad and I are trying to rein in the house shopping mania because in a week or so we'll know pretty much for sure if we have a deal. Until then it's not worth really committing.

Why so skeptical? Our buyer is asking for a lot of concessions, leading us to believe they're a little cash strapped. That means they may have a little harder time getting a mortgage, and the house is going to have to appraise a little higher than we're confident it's worth so they can borrow the whole amount. None of that is our problem unless it doesn't work out and then we lost at least a week if not more of marketing time. And then I'll be mad. And I don't want to be mad.

The thing about living in a small town is that everyone knows too much about everyone else's business. Our agent's cousin works at the bank where the buyers are applying for their loan and gave him a "reassuring feeling" that it will work out. God only knows what that means. Except that nobody's business is private in a small town.

So we're keeping our fingers crossed. We agreed to give them two weeks to get their commitment letter (generous considering their piddly earnest deposit). Two weeks of wondering/hoping/imaginary decorating a new house. My toes are crossed too.

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