Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I have no euphemism

I have no "hunting" euphemism for signed purchase agreement. But we have one of those - yay! I've avoided celebrating because all the contingencies on the sale haven't been met so I'm not 100% confident that we're actually going to get this house. I'm going to be crushed if I don't, I won't even try to lie. But I'm not changing our address yet or anything.

It's a nice size house on a nice size lot in a nice neighborhood. There are lots of nice things about it.

And then there's the ugly.

It's painted dark brown with school bus yellow trim.

The living room/dining room carpet used to be burnt orange almost-shag and is now a filthy brown.

The family room carpet (and drapes) are cherry red with orange, gold and brown wallpaper. And paneling.

The switch cover in the upstairs bath has glitter in the material somehow.

We can see past the ugly to the generous square footage, easy open floor plan, ample storage, roomy lot and well kept neighbors. After our eyes adjust that is. But there's a lot of cosmetic work to do. We have a plan to do floors and walls (and cleaning) before we move in and save a few rooms for after we're living there. Long term, a new kitchen may be in our future. And a deck.

But for now, I'm trying to fool myself into being realistic that we're contingent and this whole thing might fall apart. I really really hope it doesn't though...


Marketing Mama said...

Sounds like a great place, despite that bad carpet, walls and drapes - the glitter sounds good though. ;)

I'll be crossing my fingers for you!!!

bookwoman said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

And, from experience (orange shag carpets in the living room, running into pink carpets in the dining room, one wall of fake pine paneling, and baby poop brown paint on the walls), those sound like late 60's early 70's colors. You may find lovely hard wood floors underneath there that have been protected by ugly carpet for 40 years.