Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Being Grandma

Catching up on some blog reading, while Deuce is in his just-woke-up stupor, and read this. Kaiser Mommy did a really interesting sort of survey of the life of her grandmother, pointing out the admirable qualities along with some of the troubles that hid in the lives of so many women in that world before women shared their struggles with moms groups, blog readers and therapists.

And of course the comparison to her own life is eerily familiar. Jammies? Check! Kid in front of TV? Check! Dishes that didn't fit into dishwasher last night still on counter? Double Check!

I am still looking at this time at home as an extended weekend. Sure, there are things that need to get done, but soon (how soon?) I'm going to go back to work and not have all this time to enjoy Deuce, my hobbies, and house shoes. I'm living it up!

Should I exercise regularly, and keep a housework schedule? Obsotootly. But I'm not that person regardless of my job, my kid, or anything else. I hope my grandma, Kaiser Mommy's grandma, and all our grandmas felt happy at the end of their day.

Phew, sentimental!

I'm going to go feed my kid maple syrup and then try to keep up. I think that's what Grandma would have done.

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dawn224 said...

I think my Grandma made it to content. Which isn't half bad :)