Thursday, April 9, 2009

My First Million

Photos that is! I have saved roughly $900,000 dollars on photo developing by using a digital camera. I now take photos by the hundreds (per day!) and develop a tenth of those. Still too many, but I'm sentimental.

We took 466 photos in less than 4 days in California. I had to delete some on day 4 because I didn't bring a second card!

San Francisco Bay from Hyde St.

Me sniffing wysteria in someone's front yard

What a great trip! I don't know if I've really mentioned it here, but we went to San Francisco, then Sonoma for my BIL and Carly's wedding. My parents watched Deuce for 5 days and actually called to say they were missing having him around. I was sure they would have had enough, but I guess he was great. Too young to miss us? That's what I'm sticking with ;)

We had Gunny neutered while he was begin boarded. No pics of that - if you want to see a dog's empty sack I suggest becoming a vet. It seems all the animals in this house are missing parts. We have the fang-less cat and the ball-less dog. Animal self esteem is at an all time low, and number of stitches is at an all time high.

Will post more pics soon. I'm not done processing all yet. I took some time out to watch Biggest Loser. Got to have those priorities straight.

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kasiaiscarly said...

i'm totally laughing at the wedding and 'seeing an empty dog sack' in the same blog post :)