Saturday, April 18, 2009

D is for Double Crochet

Wow, back to ABC-Along (thanks Carly for reminding me that we're way behind!)

My D is for double crochet - my worst stitch. It's actually my fastest stitch, but it just comes out so loose. I have to go down 2 hooks sizes from what's recommended for the yarn to get gauge. I'm glad I have it figured out now because it's used in so many blanket patterns.

I made two blankets while I was pregnant, and before I realized the importance of gauge. I love this blanket because Deuce and I spend many happy hours wrapped in it nursing. It is also full of holes. Like, holes between stitches. Not my best work, but it's sentimental now.

This one is a basketweave pattern of FPDC and BPDC, and this one I realy should have swatched. The pattern squares aren't squares, plus there's a halfer at one end. Really bad work. The only thing I like is that it has a round of reverse single crochet that makes a nice edge.
More recently, I've made two Seija Sets, and on these I used the hat as a gauge swatch (apparently that's an Elizabeth Zimmerman trick. Who knew?) These I'm much more pleased with because they don't look so sloppy. Actually, the blanket in the photo could do with a machine washing and a stiff tug at the corners, but that will come soon enough. It's a baby set after all.

So there's a tour through some DC, I stitch I think I've mastered.


Marketing Mama said...

I'm very impressed by your skills - these are amazing - especially that cute baby set! :)

Mary said...

Those are pretty blankets--holes and all!