Monday, April 20, 2009

E is for Everyday

With some exceptions here and there, I crochet (or now knit) every day. One of my many guilty pleasures is TV, but I can't just sit and watch it. I used to scrapbook in front of TV, back in a world before helping hands and hungry dogs, but now I can't leave anything out on the coffee table, and I'm way too disorganized to bring everything out and put it all away.

The funny thing is that for the number of hours I spend with yarn on my lap, I don't have too awful much to show for it. My numbers of FOs are low. Or maybe it's the size of the projects. I do make a lot of blankets. But I wonder if you counted the stitches in a blanket vs a sock on US 00's how much difference there is.

And besides, it's not all crocheting. I mean, I do actually watch some of the shows. And eat dessert. All work and no play, right?

Here's a peek at my latest project. It's going to be a racetrack rug. It's an oval of green with rounds of this loopy stitch for grass, then a black "track" then more "grass" and a felt backing sewn on the back. It's for Deuce's birthday. I'm slowly changing his room over to transportation theme.

''m halfway through the track now. I hope to have the crocheting done this week. I'm getting bored of SC round and round and round, and am excited for the loop stitch again and the background. Little by little...


kasiaiscarly said...

ooh. .. that is going to be super cute :)

Gramma Phyllis said...

Small boys and their cars do need somewhere to play. That is going to be the cutest rug. It will also offer a chance for you to become a designer as he will want to go other places in town so here comes the street map rug.

Susan said...

Very clever, I've seen rugs like that in stores but yours will be even more special.