Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Free Labrador!

Up for adoption is one Labrador Retriever, no papers, eight months old, neutered, microchipped, friendly with young children! Comes filled with cheesecake!

(At this point I hope you're thinking "CHEESECAKE?" Why would a dog come filled with cheesecake? Oh, because HE ATE ONE and it's IN HIS STOMACH.)

And now you know why I want to give away the dog. My plan for a post-Easter post was to tell the tale of the cassata cake. History, recipe, pictures. A real foodie post. Unfortunately, I chose to bring said cake up to room temp on our sideboard at dog height. Then I chose to shower. I think I could have pulled off one of those things and ended up with an intact dessert, but not both. My brown furry friend decided to jump up, eat the delectable cinnamon crust from all the way around, most likely consuming a few chocolate chips out of the perfectly-textured ricotta filling in the process, leaving the cake unable to be consumed by people, let alone served for a holiday.

I would have loved nothing more than to take his tags off and push him into the street never to be seen again.

But I couldn't. After only a month, I have a real soft spot for this animal, Marly tendencies and all. How can you help but love an animal who loves Deuce this much?

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