Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy-a Birth-a-day-a To-a Me-a

I am one of those annoying people who hate my birthday. I hate getting older, hate assessing where I've been in the last year, hate planning for next year. I'm very happy in my daily existance, but once a year I take stock and find myself to be aging incredibly fast and accomplishing at an incredibly slow rate.

This year is no exception. At least the breakdown came last night when I cried to DeuceDad that I'm a loser with no job and there is no hope for me. With that behind me I hope to be able to enjoy my day.

I went to Jazz this morning and came home to Deuce already up, fed and dressed, and coffee made. DeuceDad's going out to shovel while I enjoy Deuce for a while.

Then maybe some shopping, chili eating, visiting with family and then board games!


Marketing Mama said...

Happy Birthday - hope it was a great day! :)

bookwoman said...

Happy birthday! Even if you don't really like them, celebrating them is better than the alternative.