Sunday, December 28, 2008

My New Toy

Santa brought me a new toy! Nice orange boxes, huh?

And the contents? A dSLR!! I've been wanting one of these. I've talked for a long time about getting into photography. I also want to be able to take some more artistic pictures to use in scrapbooks - you can only have just so many posed shots, right? DeuceDad is such a good listener that he remembered I had mentioned all that. He did a ton of research and went to a real camera store... what a great santa!

It takes great "plain-old" shots of Deuce being cute (playing with the shopping cart my parents got him for Christmas)

But I still have a lot to learn. The auto modes make it really easy to use but I want to learn the features and how to take some special shots - like close-ups:

Next I really want to work on action shots of Deuce. It will take 3 frames per second (and this thing is for beginners!) so I think I can do some cool things with that. I also have a big zoom lens so it would be an opportunity to take some scenery shots especially at my in-laws.

Yay presents!

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