Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Year In Review

Today is the last day of 2008. (you knew that, way to start off with a dud) As such, it's time to eat some junk late at night before the diet kicks in and think about how far we've traveled in 365 short days.

My best friend since 8th grade and I "resolve" every year. Our ritual includes going to Uno, last year's resolutions in hand, checking off what we did, laughing at how we didn't do hardly anything we said we would do, then beating ourselves up about being fat and lazy and writing new resolutions. All over nachos and deep dish pepperoni pizza. Yes, I now what "irony" means. And "self defeating." And "stupid."

Anyhow, as a year in review, I give you "2008 Resolutions and Goals"
  • Redo upstairs bathroom (paint, decorate, change light and fan). I (and by I, I mean DeuceDad) knocked this one out of the park because he installed a new tub/shower and 2 new toilets in the new house. Go DeuceDad!
  • Tackle Debt. I don't want to talk about finances here but suffice it to say that we rocked professionally this year and are now happy with our financial situation.
  • Lose weight. I lost what I gained earlier this year if that counts for anything
  • Exercise 3x/wk. I'm really doing that since October. Woo hoo!
  • Run 5k in spring. HA!! (that's a sarcastic "ha". Didn't happen)
  • Get a new roof. Um, we sold the old roof and bought a house with a new roof, does that count?
  • Reevaluate college. I was half-heartedly pursuing a Master's degree. I'm not anymore. Reevaluated and quit. Good for me.
  • Get house organized! This house is actually less organized than the last. Not good.
  • Exfoliate. I know that's a weird goal - but I had let my skin fall into disrepair. I'm in love with Dove Cool Moisture now, and I'm soft as a baby's rear.
  • Plant vegetable garden. Nope.
  • Cook my way through a cookbook. I found and unpacked my cookbooks, so I'm halfway there, right?
  • See friends at least once every other week. I was struggling with balancing motherhood/work/self. I'm giving myself the thumbs up here, even though I'm not working now, plus I moved close to BFF who I know see constantly.
  • Go on date with DeuceDad once per month. Not at all. I think we went out by ourselves twice this year. Eek.

6 out of 13. Not good. I wouldn't pass a Regent's exam with that grade. I did have a couple of things going on this year, so it's not like I spent the whole year playing with myself. I would give the year in general a big thumbs up. Move and new job accomplished, money set in order, and good exercise habit formed. The other items were things I would still like to do, but I feel good about where I've been this year.

Tomorrow's installment: Next year's crazy-long list of resolutions.

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