Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Bitchy Digression

Ok, I just need to be a bitch for a second. I'm throwing a party for my BFF from where we used to live. She's having her second baby, and even though I think second-baby showers are faux pas, I invited some people to a Make and Take place to make her some meals to stick in the freezer. I'm bringing a light lunch, and a little cake.

Um, two of her friends are bringing meals that they prepared at their houses to give her instead of participating in Make and Take. I'm 99% sure the gripe is that it's too expensive. I'm not fucking working and I still am doing it. I'm throwing the party! Fucking stupid bitches! Fuck! I hate other women! (not you, dear readers, not you. unless you love to fuck with parties other people throw. then I will scream "fuck" on my blog over your behavior.)

DeuceDad says not to worry about that because he thinks one of them is a total mental midget and I, coincidentally, know the other one from college and didn't like her then. You can guess how I feel about her now. Fucking stupid bitches. Maybe the Make and Take employees will kick them out. Or call the cops on them for loitering. I can hope, right?

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amy said...

I understand how you feel. They could have at least had the good graces to tell you when it was planned that it wasn't in their budget, rather than just "Oh by the way..." At least they're not your friends.