Friday, January 2, 2009


In the files I transfered from old computer, there are 2006-, 2007-, 2008- and now 2009_Resolutions_Goals.doc. Not only do I love to resolve, but I love to keep Word documents for posterity. Plus then I don't have to remember where the little square checkbox we like to use is (Wingdings, who can remember that?).

There is a long list, but the ones that pertain here are:

  • Deuce related – play with other kids at least 1/week, less than 2 hours TV/day, outside time when over 30 degrees, crafts 2/week
  • Buy ZERO scrapbooking supplies until after class ends
  • Finish ALL crocheting projects before starting new ones

Now is when I ask myself why I set good sounding and impossible goals. The scrapbooking class helps you understand your motivations for scrapbooking, organize your space to help fulfill those goals, and set up "filters" (don't know what that means yet) to help keep the space organized. It involves designing a lot of storage which I would like to embellish with similar papers and things. I don't have enough of what I want to use, which means... shopping! AND I bought a new winter coat on after-Christmas clearance and I don't have any hat/gloves/scarf to coordinate, but I DO have yarn that would look great... I need to reevaluate.

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