Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wind faster!

I wanted to save this for ABC-along, but I can't. Too awesome.

I received an all hand-made Christmas from BIL and FSIL. This is one of my favorite kinds of Christmas, along with useful, thoughtful, and shameful spoiling. Anyhow, check out my winnings!
Yarn swift, made by BIL from cedar and a repurposed pool cue. It turns so smoothly - it's really pretty impressive. I definitely don't need all that speed for my handwinding, but it's so much nicer than the stretching hank around feet method I previously used. This is getting a home in the in-progress craft room.

Nostepinne, which I have not gotten the hang of yet, but I remain determined. This is turned so smoothly the yarn doesn't hang up on it at all. I guess it has a design improvement in that there is a groove for the first wrap of yarn so it doesn't get dropped. Such beautiful work from him.

And from FSIL herself, a Faberge cowl(Rav link)!

The cowl yarn in Malabrigo worsted in the Polygala colorway, and is fantastico! So warm and soft even against my neck. It's a treat for sure.

Thanks so much for all your hard work!!

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bookwoman said...

Fabulous swift! And I truly thing Malabrigo is a little bit of heaven on earth. I made myself a hat last year and still have a hank and half left that I haven't decided what to do with.