Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey, what's that funk?

That garbage funk. Damn you Backyardigans.

Count on DeuceDad to snap me out of the funk. Not just an old funk, beetches. A crying funk. An "I'm going to have to work third shift for minimum wage because I have no marketable skills and am a software-engineer reject" funk.

What did he do that was so great? Sent me a craiglist posting for a rockin' job. I didn't even procrastinate sending my resume and didn't just do my normal slightly generic but individually written cover letter. I went to the company's website and read about them. Sounds kind of fun. Customer relationship management software. Very interesting.

I love DeuceDad for a lot of reasons, and one of them is that he is supportive when I need him.

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bookwoman said...

Sending good job prospect vibes....