Monday, January 19, 2009

The Not-A-Shower

I'm back and ready for action! This week I need to catch up this blog (among other things). First up, the recap of the second-baby-not-shower-luncheon-and-make-and-take.

Friday I prepped the food. The menu was light - veggie tray and little sandwiches, punch and cake.

The sandwiches went off without a hitch. Mix 8 oz softened cream cheese with one packet of dressing mix:

Spread on 8 sandwich wraps (these are Flat Out).

Layer your fixin's - here spinach, ham and swiss. Leave some exposed cream cheese at the top to stick the wraps closed.

Wrap and slice. Easy!

Now the cake. Fuck. This was a lemon chiffon cake from Williams Sonoma "Baking." Lovely, I'm sure. If you don't accidentally leave the oven set to broil from the night before. If one were to do that, one's hypothetical cake would not cook in the middle. And when one turned it upside down to cool as per the instructions, one would dump the whole fucking thing all over the counter.

Fuck. (that's cake batter stuck to the front of my btw)

After a brief trip to Wegmans to get a carrot cake, and then a miraculously uneventful drive north, lunch was ready.

Momma was happy, and got TONS of meals for the freezer.

I would do this party again in a heartbeat. It was fun, and low impact to plan, and I think it provided a real benefit to the mom. Good times!

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Marketing Mama said...

Glad it went well! Fun post - love the wrap tutorial... and the trip to buy carrot cake!