Friday, January 16, 2009

Off the Grid

DeuceFamily is going off the grid until Sunday. What?! Why?! We're going to my ILs.

This used to be tremendously appealing to me when it was just me and DeuceDad and the fireplace, reading and napping. Now it means not only no internet, no cable and poor cell phone reception, but add in a stir-crazy toddler cooped up inside, when, let's face it, I need the internet for sanity. I'm home all the time. I don't need a vacation.

Luckily BIL and SIL will be there to help amuse said toddler, and there will be three woof-woofs there for him to play with when they're not trying to hump/fight each other.

Did I mention I still have this cold (two weeks and counting), so if my pregnant North-Country-BFF has her baby this weekend I shouldn't go visit her in the hospital. Blerg.

Well, I promise the results of mad house cleaning, Deuce pics and all manner of fun posts when I get back! In the mean time, spend a few minutes perusing Simple Scrapbooks, which, as of this coming April, is no more. I'm so sad.

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