Thursday, January 22, 2009

It feels good when you sing a song

A strange thing happened to my feed burner. I added Club Trillion to it. I'm sure my (few) readers are not raving college basketball fans and are not tremendously interested in a college kid expounding on the trials of being a poor player on a great team. But this shit is good. And I just had to say something about it because I got all excited when I saw there was an update. AND he calls out Stuff White People Like, which is off color, but hysterically funny to me. In fact, it was on my blogroll, but I decided it was a little off the topic of parenting, and so it was removed.

Meantime, Deuce and I got out for a much-needed play date today that ended in me dragging his crying ass out the front door of my friend's house. Her 2 year old didn't nap yesterday and Deuce is teething. Apparently in toddler math this ends in fighting over DJ from Cars and crying. I need to get this kid back in day care. Before I know it he'll be 39 and going on movie dates with his mommy (I have an uncle who, until recently acquiring a girlfriend, did just that. It runs in the family).

So there's DeuceMotherhood today. Reading sports blogs and failed play dates. G-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s.

Bonus: Want dance around the living room with your son looking at you like a loon? Play this one for him.

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