Monday, January 12, 2009

A is for Amigurumi

ABC-Along 2009

ABC-Along 2009 is off and running. In 2008 I used a "Deuce" theme, but since this is a Ravelry thing, I'm trying to be crocheting themed this year.

Amigurumi is a Japanese term for small knit and crocheted figures of all kinds - animals, food, people. This book is a popular one on the subject, and the patterns are all over the place. It's cute and very kitsch. I love to look at the stuff, but rarely make any.

I have limited my amigurumi-making to "useful" items (cat toys). Claude loves anything he can kill for fun. I was setting up a living room photo shoot to illustrate that crocheted cat toys must be sturdy to withstand active play, when along came Claude to provide a demonstration.

Didn't have time to fix the shutter speed on that one.

Anyhow - so there it is, my first ABC-Along for 2009 (and on time I'd like to add). Amigurumi.


Bethany said...

I love the second shot because of the movement. Totally captures the true purpose of the toy!

ryc: Yep, January cannot be over soon enough for me!

Kristen said...

You can practically here the "jaws" music in the first picture as he peers around the corner... hehe.

Great "A."