Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When did Wednesday get here?

I somehow completely missed Tuesday! I had a good tackle too! When we moved into the new house our garage was literally full front-to-back, side-to-side, floor-to-ceiling full of boxes and furniture. I unpacked 8 more boxes Monday so that both of our vehicles now fit in the garage!! Woo hoo! One of my must-haves when we moved was at least a garage for "my" vehicle. Which is a waste of lumber if you can't fit anything in there for all the junk!

Well that took up my whole day Monday, so Tuesday was laundry and housework catch up, and new cell phone day! Check it out! (Sorry the pic is huge...)

I'm so in love. I have tons of stuff to play around with, contacts to put in, features to figure out. Oh, did I mention this is my birthday present! Early, but awesome!

Um, what else? Oh, I applied to another job. No word on how the interview went, although I'm assuming not stellar since I haven't heard back yet. I know it's the holidays, but I would love to hear something back. No, scratch that. I'd like to be left in suspense and then hear a yes.

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